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About us

About us

Founded in 2020, White Carbon Motors is putting energy into things that matter. With a mission to deliver consumer innovations that will improve how the world’s most populated cities distribute and utilize energy, the company is enabling the transformation of mega cities into smart cities. White Carbon Motors is working toward a better future by putting power in the hands of everyone – to move us all forward, faster.


The rapid growth of megacities has created an exciting opportunity to radically rethink and reshape our world. White Carbon Motors is starting with the way people use, consume and experience energy. By introducing smarter technologies to make energy consumption more meaningful, White Carbon Motors will help move us all forward, faster.

Mission Statement

Pioneer the innovation of accessible electric fuel and intelligent vehicles to provide us all a better way forward. From White Carbon Motor’s next generation technology, advanced design and engineering to a fresh culture of creativity, we’re putting our focus into to liberating energy to help power a new era of urban mobility. White Carbon Motors is building the world’s most advanced, accessible, and intelligent energy platform, distribution network, smart batteries that will transform the way we use and share power.


Transforming Power to Create Positive Change, White Carbon Motors believes smart energy is key to making cities smarter, more nimble and more livable for everyone. Through radical design, engineering and business thinking, White Carbon Motors is turning the old fuel/vehicle paradigm upside down. Every advancement is aimed at creating more adaptable and sustainable energy systems while empowering a new generation to choose a cleaner, smarter future - now.